How I do things

  1. I will not respond to private messages, make a support ticket please.
  2. I typically will only respond to support tickets on the weekends, I am a busy person.
  3. I will not do any extra features, I fix bugs or answer questions.

The answer to most support tickets

Most of the time an addon doesn't work is because its colliding with another addon.

The addons that I submit are regularly maintained and bug fixed The odds that the addon just completely doesn't work is little to none.

I have probably replied to over 100 tickets with this response.

What to do before making a ticket

  1. Add "lua_log_sv 1" to your server.cfg
  2. Restart your server
  3. Search for a "lua_errors_server.txt" in your servers folder.
    ( garrysmod/garrysmod )
  4. Open it up and review for any config errors, or collision problems.

Before buying any addons

Please make sure you agree with the way I do things before buying any of my addons, thank you!

My other great projects

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