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I am Nordahl author of Zworld-Afterlife, I have always been a constant in the work that I do.

I work for DPS Informatics since 7 years(July 2010) and I am doing all type of maintenances, Hardware, Software, Network & Servers... Nothing to exciting but it is necessary, like all good people independent.

I took a passion for a project that is dear to my heart.
It's been five years since I started to work on Zworld-Afterlife a full Gamemode from scratch, using Gmod's Base without the Sandbox files, Zworld work also with Zero Addons. Five years is a long time to learned a lot of thing.

I'm going to try to made something different here. Your suggestions as a buyer contribute a lot.

I do not lack of idea. Also for the drawing, composing music, and for the scripts.

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