Since, well forever, I was fascinated by the ability to code anything you want if you have enough time to spend.

After finding garrysmod (around 8 years back), I instantly fell in love with the freedom it provides. A few months or building various trebuchets and cannons, I found out this thing called Lua, I was hooked instantly.

I have dabbled myself in lua from 2009 or so.

One day I found a small group of developers creating a truck and trailer vehicles (note that this has never been done before), I was amazed and wanted to help them. Thats how VCMod was born, a tiny script to connect trailers to trucks.

Then for 4-5 years I kept adding on things on to what VCMod is now today.

A short story how garrysmod and my project VCMod changed my life in literal sense:

My family is not exactly poor, but I had to hold back wanting stuff that other kids had. The lack of money was due to me getting very sick and plunging my lone parent mother into dept. My mother raised me all by herself and she may deny that it was my fault, but I hold only myself responsable.

After I got better, spending 6 months in a hospital, we had enough money to live by, but not for much else.

I finished middle school, then high-school, then went off to college and am majoring in IT. Got into the course by a scholarship. It was still costly tho.
After finally deciding to sell VCMod everything has changed, I started to pay for every single expense on my own.

After 6 months I had saved enough money to move out of my parents house and started a life together with my girlfriend. All of this from money made by VCMod.

Now my family is out of dept, I am fully independent and am living with a woman I love.

I have to thank CoderHire, ScriptFodder and all of the people who bought my work for this, as it has changed my life very drastically.

So yeah

Knowing that VCMod is pricey, I have to give as best of customer support as I can, consider every negative comment about it as a possibility of improvement and over the past year this style of development payed off.

I spend up to 2-5 hours a day improving VCMod and working on next releases. I hate the idea of a "DLC", instead I have added in features completely for free for the last 2 years to give something back to the amazing people who supported me.

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