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Do you want to be like Pablo Escobar, one of the most infamous and rich drug lord? This addon provides a chance for you to be like he. You can build your own laboratory for making a Cocaine, very expesive and difficultly created drug.

And don't forget about guards.


Click on image below to see the video.

Enhanced Cocaine Laboratory - Video Tutorial


  • Fits DarkRP.
  • Customizable.
  • Easy to translate.
  • 3D2D Intuitive Interface
  • Particle Effects
  • Good looking visuals.
  • Earning in-game money
  • Chemistry and difficult system.
  • Realistic process.
  • Player Friendly.

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  1. Unzip "ecl_coca_lab" folder to your addons folder.

  2. Open "ecl_coca_lab/addon/lua/autorun/ecl_config.lua" and "ecl_coca_lab/addon/lua/darkrp_customthings/entities.lua"

  3. Change values to your liking.

  4. Join to your server and set spawn points. (type "ecl_plant/npc_spawn uniqueID" in your client console)

  5. You will need to restart your server after that!

  6. Enjoy! (Simple instruction how to cook in the file README.txt)

If you see errors in game, here is link for models on workshop


Thanks to Rokay for custom models!
Added Swedish language. Thanks Koi for this.
Added Danish language. Thanks Seba for this.
Added German language. Thanks KingDudi for this.
Added French language. Thanks Tom68 for this.
Added Norwegian language. Thanks to Lazarus for this.

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Enhanced Cocaine Laboratory

Advanced Mining System

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