This job is using the "GNU GPL v2.0" license.

Position: Head of Development

You are applying for Head of Development position, which means you are interested in leading a community. This position includes certain task that require you to show your dedication and even commitment towards the success of the community. There is Two owners, which is myself and Rain we are the Owners & Director's of Finance. The job title makes it pretty clear, the reason that this job is posted on scriptfodder is because I know many people who have the knowledge to start a community, but is unable to fund one themselves. I have a large budget every month that I can spend freely. You will most likely be handling files through FTP and remote desktop to access the server files on the machine. You should be able to understand how to set up game server file(s) including Garry's Mod, Rust, Arma 3, Killing Floor 2, and any other games on the machine.

The Community:

The community is called Dream Roleplay. and we are a quickly growing roleplay community with many game servers ranging from gmod to arma3 and many more coming. we have been hosting servers since 2006 and have a lot of experience in running servers. and we grow our community based upon the strict rule set of no drama no problem. and its been a big hit growing our community to over 700 members in just a few months.

How do I get paid?:
Well, it depends on our negotiations. If you are interested in developing for the community, I am willing to fairly discuss terms that would state % of donations a free game server or two along with the ability to receive payments from out server hosting business if you are to get someone to purchase a server from us(if someone orders a game server you will receive 80% commission, if someone orders a dedicated machine you will receive 100% profit from that machine so if a machine costs us 50 bucks to deploy and someone buys it for 75 you get 25 bucks and so on.The second option, if your just interested in being employed as a developer for the community then your wage is based on effort of work you place in each project($0 - $100).


Personality must include leadership and dedication. Also, being unbiased toward all players and staff is a given.
Must have the knowledge to host a website/webpage using a Dedicated Server Machine, languages vary please specify when applying. (We already have a Web Designer)
Experienced in handling a Dedicated Server/Virtual Private Server with Linux OS and Windows OS.
Experienced in handling and setting up MySQL.
Able to create/modify scripts from scratch in the following languages: Lua, GLua, C++
Must be able to code gamemodes from scratch.
Must have a microphone.
Must be willing to use discord.
Must also have the willingness and motive to cooperate in a team.
Must be dedicated and committed for the successful growth of the community.

Optional(This is a Plus)

Portfolio (Resume, Online Document, Website, Etc)
Map Development
Model Development
Able to Texture Models.
Other Programming Languages

Note: Add me on steam, please leave a comment saying that you have sent me a friends request on the comment section of this ScriptFodder Job. Thank You.


If you have a team of developers it is a huge plus only issues is it will be hard for us to pay each person indevidualy so there for waht you make will have to be split how ever youd like along your team. this is subject to change when the server gets to a big standning across the world and has many donating player but at the current stage large teams of deveopers are not in our budget.

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